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My name is Allison DeBona and I am a professional Ballerina.  I am currently a First Soloist with Ballet West in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I also spent two seasons on a reality TV show called "Breaking Pointe" which aired on the CW! It was a crazy few years for me professionally and personally (during Breaking Pointe) but what came from the experience was more than I could ever ask for!  It opened up doors that I never saw myself walking through and one of those doors was the opportunity to travel and teach young and aspiring Artists! Sometimes ballet can be very self centered and teaching has helped me remember why I really love to dance; to help spread joy to other people's lives.  It's an amazing feeling when I can share my experiences, whether good and bad, and hear that someone else can relate to me.  That is why I started 'Allison's Pointe of View.'  Many young dancers have questions and need help and guidance through our art form and I've found it to be fun to give you all my two cents once in a while and answer your questions! I hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to ask me questions!  

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