Saturday, May 31, 2014

ART--A Random Thought with Allison DeBona

 So, here’s a thought—


When was the last time you sat down, took a good look in the mirror and asked yourself, “Why am I dancing?”  Is it because you love it? I’ll believe you, but it sounds generic.  I definitely love to dance and always have (I’ll admit I still dance around the kitchen the way I did when I was a kid!), but the older I get, the more it evolves into an understanding of why I’m still dancing at the age of 30. 

I’ve been asked many times when I knew I wanted to dance.  I was six or seven years old and taking a class when our teacher asked us to run across the room, stop in the middle of the floor, pretend to pick up a flower and put it in a basket.  It was true love from that moment on.  At that young age, I began to understand that dance is ART.  We have the amazing gift to tell a story with our bodies, and I cannot get enough of it. 

I am currently a Soloist with Ballet West in Salt Lake City, but when I’m not dancing, I spend a lot of time traveling around the country teaching young dancers.  There are talented kids everywhere!  Dance is evolving so fast, the technique is more difficult, and you’re required to do multiple turns, jump higher and battement to the sky.  I appreciate all of those things, but for me, that is not what defines a great ARTIST.  In class I am always working toward improving my technique and physical abilities, but it seems to me that today young dancers are so focused on quantity that the artistry of our craft is often lost.

Over the next 12 months, I am going to challenge you.  Ask yourself questions you’ve never asked before and push your mind and body to places you’ve never taken it before.  The great part about it is, you will not be alone!  This month I want you to explore your motivation for dancing and your contribution to our art form.  How are you planning on moving an audience to tears or make them jump to their feet with applause?  What will make you stand out on stage so people can’t take their eyes off you? 

To break the ice, I will be the first to post in “ART—A Random Thought with Allison DeBona,” Forum. You can visit the link below to see what I have to say and post your thoughts and ideas as well!  I would also love to see your journey each month on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!  Post pictures, videos or quotes but make sure to use #artwithalli on all of your posts!  It’s never too early to start to develop the Artist you plan to be on stage!  I can’t wait to see what all of you have to offer!


Xoxo Allison


  1. to me ART is when i am playing the piano and I just let the music take over me, i forget about the worries of failing . I just play, let my body feel the music. All the emotions of the day, wether angry, sad or happy ; I pour that into the music.

  2. That's beautiful!! Would you mind visiting the forum and posting?? #artwithalli